Michael Roberts KC

Bar Roll 1992 | Silk 2012

Simon Ower KC

Bar Roll 2022 | Silk 2016

Sarah Porritt

Admitted 1994 | Bar Roll 2001

Natalie Blok

Admitted 2005 | Bar Roll 2013

Kieran Hickie

Admitted 2009 | Bar Roll 2013

Evelyn Tadros

Admitted 2009 | Bar Roll 2014

Fiona Cameron

Admitted 2013 | Bar Roll 2015

Nick Wallwork

Admitted 2015 | Bar Roll 2016

Ben Petrie

Admitted 2009 | Bar Roll 2016

Elizabeth Bateman

Admitted 2009 | Bar Roll 2017

Christopher McDermott

Admitted 2008 | Bar Roll 2017

Tom Barry

Admitted 2007 | Bar Roll 2017

Gayann Walker

Admitted 2012 | Bar Roll 2019

John Heard

Admitted 2012 | Bar Roll 2020

Monique Hardinge

Admitted 2013 | Bar Roll 2021

Sam Blashki

Admitted 2021 | Bar Roll 2023

Oliver Lloyd

Admitted 2018 | Bar Roll 2023

Amy Armstrong

Admitted 2022 | Bar Roll 2023

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