Natalie Campbell involved in launch of Compos Mentis

29 May 2017

Natalie Campbell involved in launch of Compos Mentis

What is Compos Mentis:

A new podcast by Natalie Campbell and Jennifer Lim about how to stay happy, healthy and productive while working in the law, made by lawyers for lawyers. In discussing key themes like stress, mindfulness, perfectionism and authenticity and how they relate to the work of a lawyer, they explore the unspoken realities of legal practice and identify concrete tools to help achieve wellbeing in the law.  Season 1 comprises of 8 episodes: Sound, Perfection, Stress, Mindfulness, Time, Diversity, Uncertainty and Change. Each bite-sized episode is a conversation format of up to 30 minutes. Together they provide an easy-listening toolbox to enhance wellbeing for lawyers. 

When and where:

Compos Mentis is launching on 29 May 2017 and is available on iTunes and via their website.  A pre-release version of the first episode is available here.

Who they are:

Natalie Campbell and Jennifer Lim met while working as Associates at the Federal Court of Australia and discovered a shared interest in wellbeing for lawyers. Natalie Campbell is a member of the Victorian Bar with a background in public, employment and industrial law. She was the Associate to Justice Jessup of the Federal Court of Australia and is a reporter for the Federal Law Reports. Jennifer Lim works in human rights legal policy. She has prior experience in public law litigation for the Commonwealth government, as a headnote reporter for the Federal Court Reports, and Associate to Justice Beach of the Federal Court of Australia. As young legal professionals, they are passionate about addressing the increased mental health risks of the industry and supporting their peers to manage and avoid work related stress, depression and burnout. 

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