Charles Shaw QC on "Ethics: Some Issues Revisited"

06 November 2020

Charles Shaw QC on "Ethics: Some Issues Revisited"

Young's List barrister, Charles Shaw QC, together with Róisín Annesley QC (Chair) and Fiona Ellis, presented at the VicBar CPD "Ethics: Some Issues Revisited".

The session covered the High Court decision of Bell Lawyers v Pentelow (2019) 372 ALR 555, which abrogated the Chorley exception. The Chorley exception applied to solicitors who were self-represented litigants and excepted them from the general rule that a self-represented litigant could not obtain recompense for the value of their time spent in litigation. 

The session also covered Rules 101 and 105:  Frequently, counsel are faced with the unfortunate dilemma of either having to or wanting to return or refuse a brief.  It also presented an opportunity to raise any general ethical issues faced by counsel in day to day practice.

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